MBIO AquaSpec mid-infrared spectroscopy creates digital metabolomic fingerprints of biological samples – in less than two minutes.

In contrast to conventional in-vitro diagnostic methods, MBIO AquaSpec technology does not require sample preparation or consumables. It uses less than 100 microliters of sample volume and provides physicians with quantitative as well as qualitative information on important blood parameters – immediately and without time-consuming transport to diagnostic laboratories.

MBIO is a brand of CETICS' parent company micro-Biolytics GmbH, which was founded by the inventors of the AquaSpec Technology, Andreas Wolf and Ralf Masuch, back in 2001. 

The core element of the MBIO AquaSpec technology is the patented, ultrafine and high-precision flow cell especially developed for the measurement of aqueous biological samples. The flow cell is less than 10 µm thick, with a precision in the nanometer range, thus providing previously unrivalled measuring accuracy and reproducibility to exploit the full potential of modern mid-infrared spectroscopy. The high information content and digital archiving of the spectra open up completely new paths in analysis and diagnostics – also for retrospective studies, metabolomics studies, investigations, and the monitoring of disease and therapy processes.

Fields of application:

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