Customized Solutions

Are you looking for a suitable method to characterize your samples quickly and cost-effectively? You would like to obtain more information out of smaller sample amounts? We are happy to assist you with customized solutions that are tailored to your requirements and budget. 

For example: 

  • You would like to accelerate your formulation development and are looking for a precise and fast method to determine product concentrations for stability testing and solubility testing
  • You look for biomarkers in blood serum, urine, or cell culture supernatant for early detection of diseases, adverse effects, or therapeutic success
  • You are developing new cost-effective test methods for toxicity, genotoxicity, or DNA repair capacities in order to screen large numbers of chemicals and pharmaceutical ingredients

We will take the following steps: 

  1. Feasibility study: Together de define the process steps and the scope (number of samples, duration, cost) in order to achieve results within a short time and with reasonable effort.
  2. Development phase: We develop your specific assay or analytical method based on a sufficient number of samples and adapt this method to our TOXXs Analyzer or SPECCs Analyzer platform.
  3. Routine method: We provide you with the platform and with your customized application. You choose between purchase, leasing, rental, or the use of your specific solution as a service in our laboratories.

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