Analytical Services

Easily employ our technologies for your specific project. In our laboratories in Esslingen, Germany, we characterize your samples by cell-based assays, by our AquaSpec infrared spectroscopy technology, and by standard analytical methods. Our scientists support you in the preparation of your samples and in the interpretation of the results. 

Ask us for our proposal, e.g.:

  • Analysis: Measurement of mid-infrared spectra of liquid samples, interpretation of spectra
  • Toxicology: cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, nanoparticles, or radiation
  • Cell culture: quality control during cell growth, passage, harvesting, and cell culture metabolomics
  • Drug discovery & drug development: protein-ligand interactions, formulation development, stability testing, and solubility testing
  • Biomarkers: identification of spectral biomarkers, quantitation of molecular biomarkers
  • Quality control of raw materials, pharmaceutical ingredients, biopharmceuticals, and biosimilars

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