EQUILA-CHECK for Formulation Development & Stability Testing

  • EQUILA-CHECK is a fast, precise and reproducible method for detecting changes in drug compositions, indicating instabilities, contaminants or decomposition.
  • Subsequent measurements can lead via separate AquaSpec™ methods to quantitative results.
  • Unexpected changes can be detected and utilised as new product knowhow.
  • EQUILA-CHECK needs no sample preparation.
  • All measurements are conducted by fully automatic  SPECCs Analyzers which perform fast, accurate and reproducible measurements on samples in seconds and up to a few minutes.
  •  When the method is used in R&D, a large number of chemical and physical influences can be examined to find optimal product composition. With this type of development extensive knowhow is built up on the developed product, and can also be used in subsequent quality control.
  • The EQUILA-CHECK method is the better alternative to frequently employed chromatographic techniques in many areas of application, such as in transnational quality testing, in batch control or in sample history. 

EQUILA-CHECK is based on AquaSpec™ IR spectroscopy in the mid infrared range (MIR). This is an innovative analytical method which can be used for testing pharmaceutical compositions without a new method having to be developed for different formulations in each case. EQUILA-CHECK delivers information directly, whether the formulation is stable or not with respect to storage, temperature, light etc.

The AquaSpec™ method can also act as electronic samples for investigating later complaints or discrepancies in retrospect. An added advantage is the type of application. EQUILA-CHECK detects and evaluates unexpected sample changes.

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