Our Mission

The rapid access to information is one of the most important trends in healthcare. Medical decisions can be made more quickly, and ideally the patients helped more rapidly, thus reducing the overall costs of the healthcare system. The analytical systems of CETICS Healthcare Technologies provide an important contribution to this development.

With proprietary technologies, CETICS ensures a drastic simplification of analyses in

  • diagnostics, 
  • personalized medicine, and 
  • toxicology.

Cost-effective high-precision infrared spectra can be obtained from biological samples such as blood serum, liquor, and cell culture supernatants with the patented AquaSpec MIR spectroscopy method. Complex information about the individual composition of every sample becomes available in digital form. 

CETICS provides the market with completely new diagnostic possibilities and simultaneously ensures significant cost reductions, also for the quantitative determination of routine parameters. 

But CETICS also offers applications in toxicology and personalized medicine as well. CETICS employs the automated FADU assay, where DNA strand breaks and DNA repair can be demonstrated very rapidly and, for many samples, fully automatically. This information is of central significance for the Chemical Risk Assessment for REACH as well as for cancer therapy.

Automated FADU systems can be combined with AquaSpec modules, thus greatly enhancing the retrieval of information in toxicology and personalized medicine.