All complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, or disturbances of the cardiovascular system result from the interplay of environmental factors, genetic disposition, and individual life histories. The findings  obtained from the CETICS in-vitro diagnosis platforms form the basis for the development of improved strategies for recognizing risks to health and optimizing appropriate therapies.

A previously limiting factor to the significant use of in-vitro diagnostics has been the time required to obtain the analysis data: the sample must be sent to a laboratory after successful sample withdrawal by the physician or medically trained personnel. 

The shortened "turn-around time" (the time from sample withdrawal to the physician's receipt  of the data) is a key benefit of the innovative in-vitro diagnosis platform. Biological test procedures, spectroscopic detection technology and automation make it possible to draw conclusions about all important blood values as well as existing diseases within the shortest time – and this with only a single measurement. 

This unique advantage benefits both the patients and the physician as well as the entire healthcare system.